Mysterious Crane. Last morning walk in Combs-La-Ville. #franceπŸ‡«πŸ‡· via Instagram


Our #croatia and #bosniaihercegovina journey is coming to an end. Upon self reflection, it’s a tough job being an insta sensation. Even with all my fabulous picturesque touristy snaps, I have only gained 10 followers, and not one image passed πŸ’― likes. Sigh… I guess I haven’t master my insta/fb curatorial skill. #fakeittillyoumakeit via Instagram

As pretty and as welcoming of the Stari Most, you can not avoid feeling the grim underlying tone of Bosnia and Herzegovina. War has scarred this place deep and leaving behind bitter landscapes of graveyards and bullets damaged walls. Every now and then a glimpse of graffitied text that read ‘Do Not Forget, but do forgive.’ reminding us war never end up a better place. #mostar #bosniaiherzegovina via Instagram