Getting lost in Archie Moore’s world. 🙌#griffithartgallery #archiemoore @a_r_c_h_i_e___ via Instagram


Manage to catch the last day of the Incredible #botanica exhibition! Curated by the magnificent @b3thj4cks0n Quite a show. #craigwalsh via Instagram

Flash back to 2015 where @frankly86 and I set up a classroom Camera Obscura at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital school and invited kids to sit on bean bags and watch the outside world pass by. It was so magical that kids didn’t want to leave the room. #photography #obscura #magic via Instagram

The colour red brings luck. My mum and grandma would always insist that we wear red on Chinese New Year day and if you are gambling it would be a sensible thing to do to wear red undies too, as the idea of red brings luck, also brings money. Life with superstitions is so much more interesting! #cny #lunarnewyear #gongxifacai #redundies via Instagram